And then Warsaw happened…

On the third day of my long trip, one of the worst scenarii I had imagined happened. I broke my laptop. It hurts like a motherfucker. I thought I would have more time with it. Again yesterday I was looking at it and thought it was the most magnificent object.

I was about to send my article about Lithuania. I stood up to take my charger. Then it fell from the world’s wobbliest table and the screen shattered. I was standing there confused, missing my best life companion. Fortunately, I didn’t mope for too long. I immediately went on a mission to buy a new laptop cause I’ve gotta work tomorrow. Lovely. What better way to discover a city than by going searching for a laptop on a Sunday morning? So with the help of two locals, I found a big big shopping center right in the middle of town, with a hardware stuff. Found a laptop. Bought a laptop. It is now 12pm. Back to the hostel, I try my new laptop but realise I WON’T manage to type on a polish keyword or even an english one. I had to focus very hard to spell any password. No, it is not all over. That’s when the MacGyver in me stood up and demanded we find a solution.


It’s simple, I need stickers, scissors and pens, and maybe some magic too. Direction, the Mall again but with a different route (why doing it simple?). While looking for my school tools, I managed to explore a large part of town. Well, that’s why I’m here no? Okay, I have to admit, my heart was not really into it. It was a day of depression. And the city was grey and big. And everytime you have to cross the street, it feels like you’re in Old Street station for the first time.


But anyway,no stickers or scissors anywhere to be found in this huge mall and time is pressing. I found some beautiful polka-dot covering tape in a little shop, bought some markers. Could it be than I’m ready? Nope. Need the damn scissors. What’s following is the weirdest moment of my day. I spotted the scissors in a toystore but there’s a problem. Two alive clowns are sitting on my way to the scissors. Yes, two girls dressed as clowns sitting on miniature furniture, just in front of the scissors. It could be from one of my wildest nightmares. Must go talk to the polish clowns to get the scissors.


What I did with all that stuff is my own polka-dot French keyboard. That’s all I could do in this kind of situation. But you can see that this article is getting long, it means that typing doesn’t make me want to slit my wrists. Yoohoo!


I’m still sad but hey, it could have been worse and it’s all fixed.

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