A little introduction to this ludicrous trip

Tomorrow, I’ll fly off for a long trip that surely will be high in (varied) emotions and quite intense physically. I’m not the one to shy away from challenges, but I sure did not make this one easy.

Difficulty n°1 : I’m going away on my own. Yes all by myself.
The last time I found myself alone in an unknown city, in an unknown country (Bratislava, last June), I can’t say I felt very lonely. By the time I had ordered and downed a shot of an obscure alcoholic beverage, I had already found some friends. It’s the success of this first solitary getaway that made me crave for more. Hence, the trip.

Difficulty n°2 : I’m travelling for a whole month.
It’s true, I really enjoyed my 2-Day vacation in Bratislava, so I decided “Let’s do it for a whole month”. Because, 2 days or one month, it’s basically the same, right? One could call this “over-achieving” but really it’s just “over-estimating one’s resiliance and aptitudes”. Over one month, I will be accumulating long hours of train and weird anecdotes.

Difficulty n°3 : I’m leaving and returning with only a 10 kg cabin luggage. (Cause Ryanair rocks!)
What do you mean “it’s not enough for a month”? I’m sure it will be fine. Sure, the very limited choice of clothes I have will start to smell, if I don’t manage to find a laundromat. But I’d rather be ugly and stinky than carry a huge 20 kg bag on my fragile back for a whole month.


Difficulty n°4 : I will be working the whole time.
Despite all appearances and the way I talk about this trip, I WON’T be on holiday. My campaign of “friendly spamming” doesn’t know or see any borders. I guess I’ll have to wake up early, to infiltrate freaky forums and spam them right in the face! Generally, I planned my trip in order to be in calm or less interesting cities at the beginning of the week, so I can get everything wrapped up. The rest of the week will be mostly intensive socializing and impromptu adventures in the wild countryside. Trust me, I never lack of ideas when it comes to let off some steam.

Difficulty n°5 : I shall not rest, ever.
I’m only staying 2 or 3 days in each city, which I’m sure will bring some hazy mornings : “Wait, where am I?”. So those are the cities lucky enough to host me during my European tour : Vilnius, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Brno, Bratislava (I’m back), Budapest, Fonyod, Split, Pula, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Venise, Milan, Marseille and Brest !

Difficulty n°6 : I shall keep you updated with all my adventures.
It seems like I’ll be busy enough for a 24-hour day but I’ll keep you all updated through this blog, in French and English, when I find time and wifi. Weird anecdotes, travelling tricks, silly videos and good tunes, that’s what you’ll find.

If you know any of the cities or countries I’m crossing, please let me know if you’ve got some good addresses, and I’ll give you mine.

Speak soon ! xx

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